Beautiful Feet. Medically Safe.

Rappahannock Foot and Ankle Specialists has a doctor supervised foot and nail care program with specially trained staff and an autoclave for sterilizing equipment and supplies. Anh Hastings, our Certified Medical Nail Technician provides highly personalized care for people who want beautiful, safe pedicures and foot care, including people with Diabetes in our Fredericksburg location. Our patients can now enjoy  foot and nail care and spa treatment with massage in a relaxing, soothing private suite where they can feel confident they are getting the best possible treatment. At Rappahannock Foot and Ankle Specialists you will enjoy the relaxation of a salon pedicure and manicure, waxing, and routine foot care, and walk out of the office with the peace of mind that doctor-supervised sterilization techniques  were used. All of the tools used to perform the manicures and pedicures are sterilized in an medical autoclave.

Fees For Services Provided By Anh

2012 FLS article on Anh Hastings