The running and side to side cutting in lacrosse are common causes of injuries to the foot and ankle. Lacrosse players should be aware of the following risks: 

  • Inversion¬†ankle sprains¬†can damage the ankle ligaments, and can also be associated with¬†peroneal tendon injuries and¬†fractures.¬†
  • Ankle fractures,¬†metatarsal fractures, and¬†Lisfranc fractures can sideline athletes and sometimes require surgery.¬†¬†
  • Overuse and excessive training can lead to¬†heel pain (plantar fasciitis),¬†Achilles tendonitis,¬†sesamoiditis,¬†stress fractures,¬†posterior tibial tendonitis (or PTTD), and¬†calcaneal apophysitis¬†in children and adolescents.